A Man in France is a series of offbeat journal entries, anecdotes and travel articles from the dark side of the wheel of Camembert. A lively, philosophical insight into 21st century France through the eyes of a cheese loving Englishman. Informative, rich and at times quite bizarre, this is the guidebook to France, you never thought existed. Ebook £1.99, Paperback £3.99.


Influenced by 20 years of dreadful jobs, The Sunbed of Malcolm Todd is a vivid journey through the cesspit of modern life. A bold leap into the plodding twilight world of the postal depot, the chain restaurant, the retail unit, the discount store, the office space, the factory floor. Those terrifying social landscapes inhabited by dreamers, do-gooders, yes-men, romantics and the deluded. The sort of people you’d rather shoot than speak to. All here in this nomadic, zany, poignant, and at times very funny collection of short stories based on the author’s own long and very ragged employment history. Ebook £1.99, Paperback £3.99.

A really entertaining collection of offbeat tales that have a habit of taking rather surprisingly turns. And with a suddenness and lack of sign-posting which is quite refreshing.” David Paul Nixon, author of Eleven New Ghost Stories.