Philip Ogley arrived in France in 2011 for a teaching job he didn’t want and started writing to pass the time. Seven years later, he’s still here. A Man in France is the culmination of those efforts: a series of travel articles, observational pieces and anecdotes taking the reader on a compelling journey through this beautiful and yet baffling country. An informative, witty, and at times sober panorama of 21st century France through the eyes of a cheese loving, wine-snorting Englishman. This is the book on France you never thought existed. Ebook £3.50 (UK(US). Paperback £5.99 (UK)  (US) 




Influenced by 20 years of dreadful jobs, The Sunbed of Malcolm Todd is a vivid journey through the cesspit of modern life. A bold leap into the plodding twilight world of the postal depot, the chain restaurant, the retail unit, the discount store, the office space, the factory floor. Those terrifying social landscapes inhabited by dreamers, do-gooders, yes-men, romantics and the deluded. All here in this nomadic, zany, poignant, and at times very funny collection of short stories. Ebook £2.99 (UK) (US). Paperback £3.99 (UK) (US)