143 – The Coypu and the Synopsis

I was taking a walk yesterday evening when I saw a whiskered animal plodding up the driveway. The human mind is fairly quick I think. Under normal circumstances, it can normally distinguish reality from make believe within a few minutes at most. Continue reading 143 – The Coypu and the Synopsis


142 – Birthday MegaSuperWatch

When I was eight my father bought me a digital watch for my birthday. It had the time and date. That was it. But it was the best present I’d ever had. It stopped me being late for roll calls and having to write out hymns as a punishment all night in the dark cellars of the boarding school I went to. Continue reading 142 – Birthday MegaSuperWatch

141 – Forty Plus Five

It’s five days since I was forty and things are going well. I’m alive and have returned from Lyon to a wealth of colour at the farm in Queaux. A million shades greeted me on Tuesday as I drove up the driveway. As though the scene had been painted by a painter with a lifetime’s supply of colour. Continue reading 141 – Forty Plus Five

140 – Blogley in Lyon at Forty

Growing up I remember my parents going to other people’s fortieths and thinking, ‘Wow, 40, that’s really old.’

Well, today I’m forty and finally believe what everybody has been telling me for the past five years. ‘Oggers, 40, it’s not that old.’ Continue reading 140 – Blogley in Lyon at Forty