101 – The Curse of the Pollen Beast

I woke up in the middle of the night feeling like I’d smoked 50 Cuban cigars one after the other inside a one-man tent at 20,000 feet. Breathless. Continue reading 101 – The Curse of the Pollen Beast


100 – The Taxman

This centennial entry was going to be a celebration of everything French. That is before I looked at my bank statement on Monday morning. Continue reading 100 – The Taxman

99 – New Passport

I’m returning to the UK tomorrow for my cousin’s wedding in North Wales. It’s the first time for a while that I’ve had a passport that doesn’t look like a handful of rags. After nearly two years of travelling to and from France, I’ve finally got it replaced. Continue reading 99 – New Passport

98 – Hôtel-Dieu

Nothing much has happened in Lyon since my last entry. The combined efforts of snow, rain, hail, fog and wind have rendered expeditions to anywhere beyond the perimeter of my neighbourhood meaningless. Unless, you’re a canard, naturally. Continue reading 98 – Hôtel-Dieu